Out now for PC

Coming for Nintendo Switch & iOS later in 2022

Catch a wave in this smooth sound-surfing platformer: Let ethereal tunes carry you fluidly through serene abstract landscapes, tune into soothing sound spheres and revel in a meditative journey of life.
Smooth, intuitive puzzle-platforming
Find and create ephemeral paths along waves of sound and light to follow your calling.
Ethereal, adaptive soundscapes
Conduct soothing sounds as you navigate through melodic environments
Meditative experience
Organic movement, fluid gameplay and relaxing sounds make for a Zen-like journey
A world filled with wonders
From the deep sea to space, explore manifold areas along your way, each sporting unique visuals and puzzle mechanics
Elegant abstract artwork
A serene world that changes from clear lines to swirls of color during this journey of life
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With the support of the FAJV, a fund co-financed by the Centre National du Cinéma et de I’lmage animée and the Ministère de I’Economie et des Finances

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